Health benefits for your employees doesn't have to be complicated

Wellness features, online healthcare, medication delivery, and health insurance - all included in one application.

All health benefits in one app

Benefit 1

Unlimited chat with doctors and medication delivery

Our doctors are ready to serve you and give you medications as well.
Benefit 2

Easy insurance claim process with assistance from Aigis team

No more confusion. Your employees can claim easily, assisted with our dedicated team
Benefit 2
Benefit 3

Various wellness benefit that fits your lifestyle

Mental wellness, calories tracker, access to videos & articles - everything is within one application

Forget paperwork, all encapsulated

in digitalization

subscription box
Diverse Insurance Packages
Tailor your insurance premiums to your employees - inpatient, ICU, and dental coverage.
subscription time
Monthly Subscription Option
Zero annual commitment. Subscription can be made monthly and could be terminated at anytime.

Manage your employees in one easy platform

Upload all of your employees in one click. We will take care of the insurance submission

How it Works

Share your company details
Select health plans based on your needs
Choose subscription: monthly or annual
Add and manage your employees
Frequently Asked
Frequently Asked Questions
Your employees can access various health benefits, such as teleconsultation, mental wellness, and enhanced exercise.
What is Aigis?
Aigis is a platform that connects your employees to health benefits, such as doctor consultations, free medications, and wellness programs. We offer them combined with various insurance package.
What should I do if I want to use Aigis?
You can contact us by filling the form here. Our team will help on choosing your insurance package and assist you on the onboarding process.
What is the difference between Aigis and other employees health benefits platforms?
Aigis is commited to provide health benefits to the employees and ease insurance claim process. Also, we bring various insurance packages and will help you to choose your package