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Aigis Lite

Rp93.000 per bulan

Cash allowance for inpatient care Rp500.000 / day

Cash allowance for ICU Rp1.000.000 / day

Aigis Basic
Most Popular

Rp238.000 per bulan

Full coverage for inpatient care with maximum hospital room price of Rp700.000 / day with yearly limit

Aigis Platinum

Rp378.000 per bulan

Full coverage for inpatient care with maximum hospital room price of Rp1.000.000 / day

Dental 80% reimbursement, maximum Rp5.000.000 / year

Aigis Enterprises
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Frequently Asked
Frequently Asked Questions
How do my employees access health and finance benefits?
Your employees can check their insurance detail within Aigis app.
How do I estimate the needs of benefits to my company's size?
You can use our estimation price to forecast your spending. However, if you choose to have customized package, it really depends on your budget and needs. Aigis will help you to choose the suitable plans for you.
Can I do monthly subscription?
Yes. You can do monthly subscription. No commitment and could be terminated anytime.
Do you have special pricing for customized package?
Yes we do! For more information, please contact us so we could help you choose the plans better.